Marble and Onyx

From time immemorial, it has been believed that marble has a beneficial effect on the state of human organs, especially the digestive system. The ability to relieve stress, insomnia and nightmares is attributed to marble. Nowadays, marble is widely used in medicine aimed at curing sciatica and the treatment of vascular diseases.

Hundreds of years ago, the antibacterial properties of marble were recognised. Marble was the material used for lining thermal baths and cooling pools in ancient Rome. It has also been used to build hammams and steam baths, up until the present day.

From a hygiene point of view, polished marble is also recommended for use in public catering establishments, medical institutions and other places with a greater need for sterility and hygiene.

Many years of experience in the use of natural stone in the structure of residential and public facilities, has also made it possible to note its undoubted positive effect on the human body. It is a well-known fact that the contemplation of soft transitions in the color of the natural stone model, has a calming effect on the nervous system. The color range of the natural stone corresponds to the optimal range of colors that have the most beneficial effect on a person’s psycho-emotional state.

Another positive quality of marble for human health is its soundproofing quality. It perfectly absorbs sound, which is why it is widely used for the cladding of large surfaces.

It is also worth mentioning the exceptional thermal conductivity of marble. It belongs to the so-called group of “warm stones”, which means that its temperature always corresponds to that of its surroundings. This quality makes marble articles very pleasant to touch.

In addition, marble, unlike many man-made materials, does not actually accumulate static electricity. Thus, each and every product made of marble, whether in a bath or marble-lined floor, is absolutely safe in terms of electrical conductivity.

Another feature of marble is its resistance to vibration. Every product made of marble not only resists vibrations but also safely deadens them, which is a very valuable property, especially for city residents permanently exposed to multiple technogenic fluctuations and vibrations.

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